"Here's how to sell used
books on Amazon UK
that you no longer want
and make £256.00
within 24 hours"

… And continue to sell books that you buy for a few pennies and bank over £1,200 per month … for little more than a couple of hours work per week.

Successful Amazon Book Seller 52 Year Old Oxfordshire
 Man - Robin Williams - has
 been selling books on
 Amazon for over 3 years
 and earns anything from
 £210 - £340 per week
 this adds up to over
 per year
 - for
 just a couple of hours
 work ...

Interested in doing the same?

Successful Amazon Book Seller
If you are looking for a proven and very simple method to make a few hundred pounds per week from home, then this is the business for you.

Hi, my name is Robin Williams and I’ve been selling 2nd hand books on Amazon for over 4 years now.

You’d be amazed how easy it all is ... from sourcing the books ... to listing them on Amazon and making a sale!

Then once you've made a sale, simply pop the book into a padded envelope, post to your customer and Amazon pay you your share of the income.

Best of all, you don’t need a website - everything is stored on Amazon's main website - or spend time and money marketing the books that you have for sale as you'll have Amazon's World-Wide brand reputation to attract all the traffic you could ever want ... from around the World!

Just to clarify, this is not an affiliate program,
you will be an actual book seller on Amazon.

... Oh ... and it’s all incredibly easy to do!

Successful Amazon Book Seller I started off selling a few
 books I had in the house that I
 no longer wanted, and
 gradually saw the huge
 potential in this little 'work
 at home' business.

 Since then, I've perfected the
 formula where now I always make
 a few hundred pounds per week
 for very little effort.

It's helped me pay the household bills, bought a few extra treats for me and the family, and we've enjoyed a number of City breaks and holidays abroad - all from my Amazon earnings.

This is NOT a business that will make you a Millionaire overnight. However, if you are looking for a simple, easy-to-run, part-time home business that will earn you a few hundred pounds per week, then this is for you.

You'll be amazed how books costing you pennies can sell for ££££'s

Here's a real-life example of one of my sales...

I bought a book called 'The Directory of Physical Geography' for 10p, then listed it on Amazon and within a few days it had sold for an incredible £15.59!

This happens on a daily basis.

Listing used book sales on Amazon

Want Some MORE Proof?

Here's one of my ACTUAL Amazon statements showing a balance of £309.00:

Money earned from used book sales on Amazon

And here's another showing a balance of £301.00 ...

Money earened from used book sales on Amazon

And another showing a balance of £292.00 ...

Money earned from used book sales on Amazon

As you can see I genuinely DO sell books on Amazon ... I'm NOT someone who pretends to run this type of business ... I actually run my own successful book selling business and have SOLID proof to back up all I say.


Here's some of my ACTUAL listings:

Listing used books on Amazon  

And here's more of my books listed on Amazon:

Listing used books on Amazon

Once again -  with all this proof - I hope you can see that I'm a genuine person selling books on Amazon ...

Now if you are interested ...  

... I  CAN  help you do exactly the same.

You may have even tried this business before ... and failed!

The reason for this is that you probably tried to sell books that will NOT make you any profit ... and your listings were all wrong ... etc 

To really make this work successfully, you need to follow a certain method which I can teach you.

Sell used books on Amazon ManualSo, if you are interested in making a few extra £££'s per week I'd like to send you everything you need to get started and making money yourself.

And don't worry if you have no computer experience as you'll get a full step-by-step instruction manual that contains loads of screen shots showing EXACTLY what you need to do.

Within my BRAND NEW professionally printed and bound instruction manual: 'How To Earn £7,000 - £18,000 Per Year Or More, Working Part-Time Using The Awesome Power Of Amazon' I'll reveal EXACTLY how I make £300 - £400 per week from selling books on Amazon.

  I'll Also Reveal:

The mistakes others make so that you can avoid them allowing you to just concentrate on making money

The kind of books that sell very easily ... and the books to avoid - you'll get my secret list

Where you can get your stock - you'll be surprised to learn of some of the places I obtain hard-to-
 books that sell for huge profit

How to list books correctly on Amazon making sure your listing stands out from anyone else who maybe 
    selling the same title

Plus lot's more ...

      £12,000 Within The
        Next 12 Months!

Sourcing used books on Amazon
If you follow all my step-by-step instructions I have no doubt that you'll easily make £12,000 within the next 12 months! In fact you might make even more depending on how much effort you want to put into this business venture.

Join The Thousands Who Are Already Making More Money In A Week Than Most People Earn In A Full-Time Job!

So why use Amazon to sell second hand books?

Well, the main reason I love them is because Amazon attract a far greater amount of quality traffic than eBay and you'll NOT be competing with hundreds of other sellers who are prepared to sell their books for pennies.

This is a genuine part-time business, that's easy to run, is fun ... and can be set up within minutes!

Amazon provides a phenomenal and global platform from which to sell your books. In fact, the opportunities may seem almost too colossal ... you'll have buyers from all over the World!

Successful Amazon Book SellerI'm no computer wizz kid, just an ordinary bloke from Oxfordshire. So if I can do this in my part-time then I'm convinced you can too.

It always amazes my family and friends when I tell them I'm earning a few hundred pounds per week from my internet business -they always give me a sceptical look!

But as I've said before, selling books on Amazon is so easy to do that practically anyone can do it!

And the HUGE advantage of this business is that unlike other online / offline businesses, you can be up and running within 10 minutes and you'll earn money 24 hours a day - 7 days a week!

   Here's More Reasons  Why 
   You Should 
Get Involved

No  start-up capital or stock  - you'll probably have a handful of 
books gathering dust on your
      shelf that you could sell.
These could be listed
      on Amazon
within  10 minutes, ready to be bought
      by customers

  website required
   - your books will be on Amazon's   website, so no need to worry about
      building a website or HTML

No  marketing or traffic driving
  - take advantage of Amazon's huge Worldwide reputation
      and enjoy masses of 
quality traffic. There's no
      need to worry about getting on page 1 of Google,
      Amazon will do all this for you

No  face to face selling
  - it's all done from the
privacy of your home - you'll never come into
      contact with your customers

Here's some ACTUAL  feedback from REAL customers of mine, as you can see I received good feedback and mostly a 5/5 score

Feedback for Amazon used book sales   
And here's some more sales feedback:

Feedback for Amazon used book sales  

hope, from all this proof that I've provided, you can see that I'm a genuine person who can teach you the CORRECT  methods for making money from selling books on Amazon.

I'm not someone who
 has just written a manual
actually running the
              business - NO!

 I'm actively selling books on Amazon
 RIGHT NOW - with proof to back me 
! ... and I have been doing so for

Feedback for Amazon used book salesHere's some MORE of my feedback, this time showing a score of 4.8 out of a possible 5:

* Within the business package I've put together I'll give you my PROVEN "feedback earning" super-email that pulls in positive feedback like a magnet - yours FREE! This has a massive effect on sales  positive feedback = MORE sales!Money from Amazon used book sales



I have perfected this system to the point where you can virtually guarantee that each and every book
 you list on Amazon will sell for maximum profits!

You can follow this formula whenever you list a book for sale on Amazon. This formula will guarantee that you get the maximum number of views for your books – getting you to the top of the list – and putting the most money in your pocket!

AND ... It DOES NOT matter if:

You have never even looked at the Amazon web site before

You have no idea about business

You have very little capital

You are already in a Full-Time or Part-Time job

You do not know where to start

You don't know what books to sell

You don't know where to get the books from

You don't know how to list books on Amazon

As long as you HAVE, or at least have access to:

 A computer

 The Internet
 A few spare hours a day

You can be selling books within ONE hour from now and on your way to earning £300+ per week from Amazon!

           Here’s What I’ll
          Be Teaching You ...

Step-by-step instructions - with loads of illustrations - on opening a seller's account with
     Amazon -
Page 15

Setting up your seller's account for speedier and easier useage -
Page 24

What to do if the book you are selling doesn't have
an ISBN -
Page 60

How to fulfil your orders -
Page 64

Detailed information on some of my
'live' sales - see actual screen shots of some
      of my sales
Page 72

The advantages of becoming a 'Pro-Merchant
Seller' -
Page 75

How to create product details -
Page 77

The VERY best books to sell on Amazon - I give
you my secret list of the best selling books to
     focus on -
Page 101

Where to get books to sell on Amazon -
I'll reveal my secret sources of where the most profitable 
     books can be found -
Page 85

How to prepare your books for selling -
Page 95

How to store your books/stock -
Page 97

Books that you should avoid trying to sell - let others sell these worthless books while
     concentrate of the very
 profitable books
Page 99

Keeping your customers informed -
Page 50

Rules, regulations and the Amazon
community -
Page 19

Exactly what Amazon does for your
business -
Page 32

Amazon fees -
Page 36

A step-by-step guide - with loads of illustrations - on the listing process -
Page 42

Make extra income as an International book
seller -
Page 57

Adjusting your inventory for best effect -
Page 67

... And MUCH More!





 Used book selling on Amazon
 By following my methods,
 techniques and secrets, you'll see
 your Amazon income rapidly soar to
 new heights.

 In a nutshell, 'How To Earn £7,000
 - £18,000 Per Year Or More,
 Working Part-Time Using The
 Power Of Amazon' will give you everything you'll ever need to start and establish a VERY successful Amazon Book selling business. 

To join the ever growing number of people who are making Amazon book selling their full-time income is easy.

I've managed to keep the cost of this BRAND NEW - never sold before - professionally printed and bound study course down to a price that I'm sure you'll agree is superb value.

I have done a little investigative work and have found similar courses and information priced at between £97.00 and £297.00.

Some of these books and courses are not up-to-date, do not include the vital information that you need and do not include actual details of books to sell, and 'live' screenshots of actual sales and my personal account.

Being aware of similar information that is available, all my friends think I have gone mad and should be charging much more for this than I actually am!

But, your investment is only a fraction of what you can make on Amazon in ONE DAY. Yes, one day, when you follow the information correctly!

    So, it will cost you less than one
    day's Amazon
 profits! How about that!

Successful Amazon book seller

 You can literally make your
 investment back in less than

 So, bearing in mind that I
 make approximately £350
 a week
with my Amazon
 business, the price really
 should be around £200.

BUT! Thankfully you won't have to pay anything like that amount...

You can now order my BRAND NEW Sell used books on Amazon Manual
Home Study Course, 'How To
Earn £7,000 - £18,000 Per
Year Or More, Working Part-
Time Using The Awesome Power
Of Amazon'
for a lot less
than similar courses 

It's definitely NOT £600, 
£450 or even £100. In fact, 
it's less than half that ...

Just £47.00! 

That's a ridiculously low price for this type of information, I'm sure you'll agree.

In fact, as I have already proved to you, I consistently make many times this amount in one day!

So you can literally earn the price of the study guide back in a day!

I have kept the price low to give everybody the opportunity to start their own successful Amazon book selling business at minimal cost.

You'll receive a complete business guide, plus all my methods, techniques and secrets that I've built up over the years.

There is NO padding whatsoever, it's all pure step-by-step quality information - the very same information that earns me over £350.00 per week working just a few hours a week!

To get your hands on this step-by-step Amazon book selling business guide is VERY easy.

Simply click the "Add To Cart" button below and I'll post everything to you via 1st clsss Royal Mail.

 Yes Robin! Please rush me a copy of your business start-up package:  'How To  Earn £7,000 - £18,000 Per  Year Or More, Working Part-Time Using The Awesome Power  Of Amazon'


One last thing...

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes there is...


All I ask is that you return the manual to me in good condition.

I very much look forward to introducing you to this profitable online Amazon book selling business.

To your online success,

Robin Williams

Remember that your Amazon book selling business will only take a few hours per week to run once it’s set up... even if you've never done anything like this before. What's more, you can make back your investment in this study manual within ONE day of listing a few books.

P.P.S. So, do you do nothing and let this opportunity pass you by and carry on as you are now in an unsatisfactory 9 to 5 job, maybe struggling to make ends meet, no time or money for holidays and new cars. Or do you act now, like others have done before you, and follow the path to an extremely comfortable lifestyle just like I did. The choice is yours.

* Please remember ... this is NOT an ebook! It is a professionally printed and bound study manual. Everything will arrive at your door via Royal Mail 1st class post.

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